April 14-16 & 18, 2015

TWELVE will transform the way your church does small groups, adult education and community


for you

TWELVE is designed to inspire and equip you and your small group leadership team.

APRIL 14-16**

from $249*

with SGN member discount

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for your leaders

TWELVE+ is designed to inspire and equip your small group leaders/hosts.

APRIL 18**

from $79*

with SGN member discount

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for everyone

This bundle gives you access to TWELVE and TWELVE+ at an incredibly low rate.

APRIL 14-16 + April 18**

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Plenary Speakers for the Twelve Conference
On-demand Speakers for the Twelve Plus Conference


APRIL 14-16, 2015


Q. Why are you having two conferences and what's the difference?

A. We realized that every church has two small group audiences for learning - those people who lead and direct the ministry and those people who are leaders of individual small groups.

The Twelve conferences are tailored to inspire and equip both.

Twelve is for small group ministry pastors, directors and point leaders and the leadership team that helps them direct the ministry.

Twelve Plus is for the leaders or hosts of individual small groups.

So, no matter where you serve in small groups, Twelve has a great conference for you.

Q. I've registered and have chosen my Track. Where can I get the downloads for my Track?

A. Prior to the actual conference dates we will send you a link to handouts and other downloads for your track.

Q. What is the limit on the One Church License?

A. As many people from your church as you want. The conference will be streamed over the internet to the computer in your church that is connecting to it. Most churches tie the computer to a screen or large display for everyone to watch. You will only have access to the sessions in one track per One Church License, so choose the track that you will want your people to attend. If you want more than one track, no problem. Just register separately for each track you select.

Q. What if I have to miss part of the conference because I have meetings or other interruptions?

A. No problem. If you miss a session during the broadcast days you can access it and any other session in your registered track over the next 60 days on demand.

Q. Which sessions can I access during the on-demand period?

A. For Twelve, you will be able to access all sessions in your registered track, plus all plenary speaker sessions. For Twelve Plus, you can access the one-day conference sessions in your selected track, plus all plenary sessions from the Twelve conference.

Q. Are there volume discounts?

A. We would encourage you to invest in a One Church License if you will have more than five people attending from your church. This allows you to project the conference to as many of your church attenders as you would like. The best deal is to get the Host Church License. With a Host Church License you can invite as many people as you want from as many churches in your area as you want. Plus, you can charge whatever you would like for the conference and keep all the revenues. The Host Church License can practically pay for itself.

Q. In what timezone will the conference sessions be streamed?

A. Your timezone! Each day of the conferences will start at 9am in your timezone, no matter where you are in the world.

Q. Will there be translation into other languages?

A. Not at this time, although we anticipate that many people outside of traditional English-speaking countries will participate because of the global scope of this event.


Need Help?

Need technical help during the conference - A link will be here anytime 24 hours a day during the actual conference.

Need help registering - email or call us Monday - Friday 8:30 - 3:30pm Pacific Time (U.S.) at 949-609-8020

Questions regarding the content of the conference -